Ensure the safety of our products and employees

Since the new coronavirus raging in China, up to government departments, down to ordinary people, we Kingswel Machinery in the region of all walks of life, all levels of units are actively taking action to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control work.


Although our factory is not in the core area – Wuhan, but we still do not take it lightly, the first time to act. On January 27, we set up an emergency prevention leadership group and emergency response team, and then the factory epidemic prevention work quickly and effectively became operational. We immediately released precautions for the outbreak on our official website, QQ group, WeChat group, WeChat Official Account, and the company’s news policy platform. In the first time we released prevention of the novel coronavirus pneumonia and the resumption of work-related knowledge, greeting everyone’s respective physical condition and the outbreak in your hometown. Within a day, we completed the statistics of the personnel who left for their hometown during the Spring Festival holiday.


So far, none of the out-of-office personnel checked have found a single case of a patient with fever and cough. Subsequently, we will also strictly follow the requirements of government departments and epidemic prevention teams to review the return of personnel to ensure that prevention and control in place.


Our factory purchased a large number of medical masks, disinfectants, infrared scale thermometers, etc., and has started the first batch of factory personnel inspection and testing work, while disinfected all-round twice a day on the production and development departments and plant offices.


Although no symptoms of the outbreak found in our factory, we still all-round prevention and control, to ensure the safety of our products, to ensure the safety of employees.

According to the WHO’s public information, the packages from China will not carry the virus. This outbreak will not affect the exports of cross-border goods, so you can be very assured to receive the best products from China, and we will continue to provide you with the best quality after-sales service.

Finally, I would like to thanks our foreign customers and friends who have always cared about us. After the outbreak, many old customers contact us for the first time, inquire and care about our current situation. Here, all the staff of Kingswel Machinery would like to express our most sincere thanks to you!


Post time: Feb-28-2020
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